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Why Do My Trees Need Deep Root Feeding?


Deep root fertilization and bore treatment is a process performed to help with the health of the tree and is highly recommended by our arborist. The bore treatment is used as a preventative to avoid boring insects with your tree, as well eradicate borers already within the tree.


When a tree is looking sick and in need of a pick me up, deep root fertilization can often help. Deep root feeding is important when there are no new sources for nutrients  Tree’s need nutrients to grow and have strong roots to create a healthy appearance.


Timing matters in deep root feeding. When fertilizer is applied, it will affect what part of the tree develops and when. Deep root feeding in the spring will encourage tip and leaf growth. Fertilizing in the fall develops root system.
You may ask yourself, “If the tree looks okay to me, why should I pay to have it fertilized?” The fact is the tree may look good to you and yet still be sick or under nourished. Often trees do not show any signs of illness that a non-professional can recognize until it is too late.


Call one of our professional arborists on staff at                972-416-1799 for advice on whether your trees would benefit from deep root fertilization.