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Why Do My Trees Need Pruning?

Pruning/Trimming is done to enhance the look of the tree and/or remove overgrowth causing any damage to your property. It can also improve the health of the tree. Either way pruning can be a form of art if it is done correctly and results in a healthier, more attractive tree.

Some reasons to prune include:

  1. Raise and thin canopies to allow sunlight for grass and plants.


  1. Thin a dense canopy on the tree to increase air and sunlight, resulting in fewer disease problems.


  1. Improve the overall health of the tree by pruning it and removing specific branches and/or stems to stimulate its growth correctly.


  1. Remove mistletoe.


  1. Remove dead, damaged and diseased branches to help prevent insects and decay organisms from entering the tree.


  1. Remove limbs away from other structures, areas of damage, meet city ordinances and insurance requirements.​

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