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Why Remove a Tree?

Trees add value to your property, as well as beauty to your environment. However, sometimes the unavoidable happens and it has to be removed. Whether by disease or simply because of poor placement in the first place, a large tree can be quite a difficult and dangerous job to remove when in an undesirable area. But how do you decide if a tree needs to be removed in the first place? The reasons you might have for the removal of a tree can be a result of various situations.


  1. The most common reason for removal is if a tree is dead or dying and presents a danger to its surroundings.


  1. In addition, another reason to remove a tree would be a poor choice in placement of the tree and it has now grown too large for the area.


  1. A tree left to grow in an unsuitable space can end up causing untold damage to driveways, foundations, sidewalks, utilities, fences and even present a danger to your property, your family and others. So therefore, it should be removed.


  1. A tree might also need to be removed because it may be diseased with a fungus or decay that can quickly spread to the surrounding trees if not dealt with. Quite often pruning is not sufficient and in terminal cases there is no other option but to remove the tree before it becomes unstable or the pathogen spreads to other neighboring trees. Tree removal is usually the last resort.


So how do you tell if a tree is in trouble, or will cause problems in the future?

If a tree appears to be suffering aesthetically, has a lot of dead branches and generally looks ill, then it may be the sign of a larger problem. An arborist can diagnose and advise what steps should be taken for the health of the tree.

Removing a tree can be a lengthy and dangerous process and should be completed by a professional. Please contact us today at 972-416-1799 to speak with our arborist with all of your questions.